Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are these offensive?

I ask because a woman at work put an image similar to the last one on her desktop and some think it's inappropriate and at least one is offended by it. But are they offensive and/or inappropriate?

If they are, are they only offensive and/or inappropriate in a work environment or anywhere?

Also, it was all fine until the woman with the picture announced to staff what was going on in the picture because most people in the office had no clue what it was. So, if she hadn't announced it, would the picture still be offensive and/or inappropriate?


AE said...

Horribly offensive! Frankly, anything smaller than the eyes can see, blown up to visible proportions make me uncomfortable as all hell ... let alone what's going on in that picture.

I wonder; what was going through her mind that she felt she needed to announce what's happening? Mayhaps she felt the need to explain this abstract 'work of art' to the plebes?

heels said...

I've never understood how biology could be offensive.

And would anybody be offended if she put a baby picture up? Because, if you talk to pro-lifers, that's what these pictures are.

geewits said...

The pictures are not offensive. They are science/biology pictures and being a microscope lover (except I never look at bugs anymore!) I think they are great. The woman announcing what the picture is is offensive because it seems like she did it trying to purposefully stir up trouble. The person who was offended is an ass. However, maybe the offended person knew the announcer person knew the offended person would be offended by her announcement and was really only offended by that. Or not.

Jazz said...

I think there's nothing inappropriate or offensive about them. People really need to get over themselves.

ticknart said...

She didn't announce what the picture was to offend anyone, she did it because she's an idiot and doesn't think before she does a lot of things.