Monday, September 11, 2017

Companionable Coworkers

I've spent way too much time in fast food places over the past week and I noticed something, something that I should have remembered.

Today, both of the places I went to were empty inside, except for me. Plenty of people in the drive-thru, though. And I could hear the teasing and mockery and genuine comradity (pardon the spelling). That sense of a team that functions well together and like working together.

I found myself missing that.

At my "grown-up" job, we may use teamwork, but we don't work as a team together. Everyone does their part and we hope all the parts fit together in the end.

Maybe that's why so many people there seem so desparet to connect to others.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017


I was reading an article about asexuality and I broke the number one rule of the internet. I read the comments.

Homosexual men and women are supposed to be forward thinking and accepting of people who are different, right? They're supposed to want to encourage the growth of diversity of human sexuality, right?

Too many of them are just as awful as every other troll on the internets who refuses to believe or understand something that they simply don't feel or haven't experienced themselves.

Thank you, internet, for constantly lowering my expectations.