Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten Minutes

That's all it takes, right.

  • Work, for the day is soon to be over. The week, too, will eventually end. And I will be at my parents' house for the long haul probably on Saturday.
  • Found out, due to bears in the ocean, but not in Hawaii, that my brother's wife and me think alike, at least when it comes to bears in the ocean, but not in Hawaii, and the fact that we think alike.
  • Haven't dreamed of work for almost a year now. After the new program was introduced I had nightmares and regular dreams about work for four or five months. I don't miss 'em, but sometimes I wonder what it means.
  • Been thinking about pizza a lot recently. Haven't bought any, but want to.
  • Spent time wondering if I should rejoin Facebook and join up with Twitter. Only a part of me wants to. The rest knows I have plenty of time wasting possibilities already.
  • Haven't seen the new Disney movie, but I really, really want to.
  • I like menthol. Reminds me of wintergreen, which I also like.
  • Been powering though Farscape. That show is even better than I remember.
  • Close enough for leaving time.
  • 'Night.

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