Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Acoustal Tunes

For the first time, I left a comment on the Facebook. Twice, actually. A few minutes ago my mother came down the stairs (I just rolled my eyes at myself there. Shit.) and asked me if I'd be my grandmother's friend on Facebook. My answer was that I'd have to think about it for a few weeks.

See, my grandmother is one of the problems I have with the social media stuff. It's not that she's part of it because I think it's great she's part of it and enjoys commenting on stuff 'n such. The problem is that she friends everyone. You own a kind of a dog she likes? She'll friend you. You enjoy extra butter on your popcorn? Friend. You want to pay less taxes? Obviously friend material.

So, lots of friends that she shares so many interests with. So many.

Oh, and then she goes around bragging about how she's friends with a guy in India. Good friends, apparently, because they both like dogs.

That just bothers me.

I know that people who are more extroverted (like everyone) will have more friends than me, but it seems to me that the idea of what a friend is is losing its meaning.

Am I the only one who worries about that sort of thing? Words losing their meanings because we use them in vague, sort of similar way to what they originally meant?

What I'm trying to say is that if I just went out on a thing like Facebook and had a thousand or so friends that I didn't know, didn't write, even blocked their updates, what does it mean when I call someone I know and like and talk with a friend? Does it mean anything at all?


AE said...

You would do better on Google Plus than on Facebook.

ticknart said...

If I go to Google+ I will kill my Facebook. Which would you rather I was on? I will not be on both.

AE said...

I'm gonna kill by Facebook pretty quick 'cause I can bloc, much of my content from people I don't want to see it without blocking their feed ... which I can also do. I've still gotta figure it out, but it's better in a lot of ways: classifications such as 'acquaintances' rather than 'friends' or 'family'... Hell, I've already set up a circle for webcomics.

And, really, I can't handle 2 social networks for myself. It's bullshit and I'm not that important. I like Google+ better, I'm going with it. You? I think you'd like it better, but it's your call.