Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Piss Poor Move

I've been in a bad mood today. I was up too late last night. The people I like from my old job are getting the same sort of shit we were getting when I was there and they are being blamed for it. And I just feel vaguely crappy,

In an effort to feel better I spent money. After years free from BMG and Columbia House I have once again joined a DVD club. I don't feel any better. At least, in a few weeks, I'll get a few DVDs that can only be bought through the club and two of the movies are ones that I dearly love.

It doesn't help now, though.


AE said...

I had to google DVD Club because I was almost certain Columbia House had gone bankrupt (or just quit) because I hadn't heard of such an idea in a very long time. I wonder, do they sell DVDs sans second D or have they no option for digital video without disk?

Looking at our video collection, is there the shelf-space to dedicate? Do we want to? It's how I've begun to look at music, too: I want the product, but don't want to dedicate space to it and because of that feel I have neither the need nor want. How very modern of us.

Then again I always find the space for books. Books, that is, and small random-nouns (read: 'things'). I have a hard time using that Kindle, but no problem watching movies or listening to music through a computer.

I suppose it saves me space ... but here we're adding more shelves for more nouns.

I also suppose I'll look into whether they've a digital option on Columbia house...!

AE said...

Nope. I mean, it doesn't say, 'ONLY DVD', but they use DVD so often that I assume I'll get a DVD and only DVDs through a DVD club.

...Looking back, it was obvious...

ticknart said...

For me, I like the thing. I like to read the back and look at the cover. And if there's more inside that's better. I like special features: making of, interviews, commentary. You don't get all that online.

Plus, when the I don't have the 'net I can still watch and the picture and sound quality don't change, ever.

AE said...

Yeah. I keep forgetting that the commentary to Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedian' was even more hilarious than the movie itself.