Sunday, December 06, 2015

How Santa Does It.

There is only one Santa, one sleigh, one sack of toys, and eight reindeer.

Santa and his elves spend the year carving largest, the most clear, most pure ice into a prism with so many facets that's impossible for the eye to find the edge.

Christmas Eve is the darkest day the North Pole experiences.

That night the reindeer pull the Santa and his sleigh into the air. They circle the pole gaining speed and altitude. When they graze the top of the atmosphere they turn and head straight down.

As they gain speed their physical form begins to shed until they become beings of pure light energy.

They hit the prism in this form and refract, a new sleigh, Santa, and set of reindeer fly from each facet.

These Santas each rocket off to their designated sectors to deliver gifts to the children of the world.

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