Friday, June 26, 2009

Are you sure you don't want a large soda?

This e-mail just in:
Subject: Governor Schwarzenegger directs Agencies to prepare for additional furlough days
Late this afternoon the governor announced that he will sign an executive order increasing the number of furlough days to three per month if the legislature does not have budget agreement in place by June 30. This action is being taken to grapple with our $24 billion budget deficit and our inability to issue Revenue Anticipation Warrants. These warrants would normally be issued to keep the state running while there is no budget.

I realize that everyone has been affected by the two furlough days per month that began in February and that this has created financial burdens. Your continued cooperation and professionalism through these difficult times are very much appreciated.

Good: I'll be getting a real paycheck in July.
Bad: Less money on the pay check.
Good: 3 days off each month, if I want to use 'em now.
Bad: Don't do anything on weekends already.
Good: I'll be able to supplement with unemployment insurance.
Bad: I'll be on unemployment insurance.

This coupled with the recent bullshit that I've been dealing with, I really want to quit and move in with my parents and then curl up in a ball and die.


Mom said...

You are welcome to come here, but you will not be allowed to curl up and die. You'd stink up the house.

geewits said...

You know it always breaks my heart when I see you go "there." Do you really want to make a crazy old fat lady cry?

Jazz said...

And that other crazy old fat lady?

heels said...

...And the pregnant chick?

Damn, man- that's COLD.

ticknart said...

Mom -- I think you'd stick me in the trash before I started to stink too much.

The crying thing: It depends on my mood and the context. It could be funny, or satisfying, or both.

As for going "there," well, isn't it better for me to write it than bottling it up or, I don't know, doing something? I'd be surprised if none of you have ever been in a shitty situation where you really couldn't see any decent to good way out in the moment.

SuziFitz Beads said...

Definitely better to talk about it!