Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's not blank pages that scare me. It's putting something, just a little something, on the blank page and then freezing that does. It's starting, but not continuing, so why bother starting?

I made my brother's girlfriend squeal this morning. Good for me.

With the furloughs, Labor Day (US) will be a four day weekend instead of three. Why does the US have it's Labor day in September when so many other nations seem to have it in May? Is it just to be different? Is it just to be assholes?

Like the US and Canada versions of Thanksgiving, their first was held about 40 years earlier than our "traditional" first. (Although ours is much more well known around the world. Thank you, Hollywood!)

Started reading the first Wheel of Time book this week. Gonna get through the series before I pick up the new one in October. (Or November, depending on where you look.) After this one, two left. Part of me is relieved that it'll be over and part of me is pissed off for feeling that way. I just hope the Martin doesn't die before he finishes his Song of Ice and Fire books. That'd really suck, especially since he's already pulling crap that Jordan pulled in his books.


Jazz said...

Wait isn't Jordan dead? How can he still be writing? I bought several of the wheel of time books and never even started them. I think I gave them away.

And yeah, Martin better finish his series or I'd be very very annoyed.

ticknart said...

Yeah, he died. His editor/wife choose a writer she likes to finish the last book, which has been split into 3.

choochoo said...

I made my washing machine squeal this morning, but I'm not sure that's such a good thing..

ticknart said...

If it's not your machine and your clothes got clean, who cares?

SuziFitz Beads said...

So how did you make Anjie squeal?