Monday, August 17, 2009

Money Meme

For the purposes of these questions, you must spend this money on yourself -- it is not to be donated to charity or given to needy friends, though if you have a partner or a family, you may use it for things that benefit them as well as yourself, such as a holiday for two.
If you unexpectedly received $10... I'd go to the movies and not worry about it being in the evening.
If you unexpectedly received $100... I'd blow it on DVDs and/or CDs and/or books.
If you unexpectedly received $1,000... I'd buy a good laptop computer and possibly some software.
If you unexpectedly received $10,000... I'd pay off my student loans and use the rest to pay off a chunk of my car.
If you unexpectedly received $100,000... I'd use it as a down payment on a house.
If you unexpectedly received $1,000,000... I'd buy a house, fully, where I want one, or get the land and have a house built. I'd quit this job and start looking for one near my new house. Left overs would be used to furnish the place and build some out buildings I want.

Of course, all of this is assuming that I don't have to pay any taxes on this money, either.


geewits said...

All very well thought out. For your next post, do this again and buy goofy stuff.

ticknart said...

You mean like filling an Olympic-size pool full of Silly Putty?

AE said...

Dude, an pool of Silly Putty of those dimensions is a death trap...

geewits said...

Well if that's what floats your boat. I'm thinking for the $1000 get an actress to be your favorite comic book heroine for the evening. In every way. That should be fun.

ticknart said...

AE -- Yeah, so? Stay in the shallow end.

Geewits -- Uh... that sort of thing doesn't float my boat. Just thinking about it makes me feel icky.

Anonymous said...

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ticknart said...

No thanks, Steven, since your a spambot or, even worse, some jackass passing spam as a comment.