Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As the Song Says

I hate the world in the springtime.
I hate when flowers are in bloom.
I hate the world in the springtime when it sunny,
Because the pollen causes pain that ain't so funny.

I hate springtime every moment,
Every moment that it's here.
I hate springtime, why, oh why do I hate springtime?
Because my headache's so severe.

(With apologies to Cole Porter and Frank Sinatra.)


ticknart said...

Alternate line #4 for when I start sneezing:
"I hate the springtime when my nose gets all runny."

geewits said...

I hate allergies. MIne are in the fall when we get the north mountain cedar on the north winds. Kills my head.

ticknart said...

When the time comes we can rewrite the song to say, "I hate the world in Autumn" because at least for the painful time you probably do.