Monday, March 08, 2010

What's This?

They've been speculating about it for a while, but in recent weeks I think the speculation has become much more serious, turning into possibility aiming for probability.

Friends may be moving from where they currently live to somewhere else. Somewhere not close to where they are now.

My first thought when I realized that they may be moving far away wasn't "Good for them." or "I'm going to miss them." or "I wonder what the job possibility is?" or anything like that.

No. My first thought was to wonder how I could turn it to my advantage and I started to crunch numbers in my head. And, I'm going to admit, the advantage and number crunching had nothing to do with the potential places they may move and the possibility of getting to visit a new location and see it with people I enjoy spending time with.

I won't go so far to actually write down the specifics of what I my thought was. I don't want to be thought of as more of a jerk than what just being selfish makes me, you know?

What's worse is that a large part of me would like for my selfish dream to come true. I don't think it will. I doubt it can. But still...


geewits said...

It never hurts to dream.

ticknart said...

I suppose.