Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill

Sometimes, I think it's unfair that such a horrible thing can be so beautiful. Click for much bigger.

Taken from GeekDad.


ell-ementary said...

Wow. It is beautiful isn't it?Don't get me wrong, I'm disgusted that we can actually pollute our ocean so terribly, but it is a nice picture. Interesting observation ticknart.

ticknart said...

It seems to happen all the time. I watched a show about tornadoes on PBS last night and those things are just amazing to look at. And all my life I've seen that the best sunrises and sunsets happen when there's a wild fire nearby-ish.

Even after, when everything is calm, the devastation has its own stark beauty to it.

Matt said...

That is a beautiful pic, it is now my desktop background. And yes it is crummy that we polluted our ocean and the companies responsible are just pointing fingers at the other companies, but they will get it sorted out at some point.

AE said...

'Sorted Out' sure ... lawsuits until the original value of the sued-for currency is depreciated to nothing near what it should be. Ah, the lessons of Exxon.