Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Look at the time, 1984 already.

(That is a quote from Daria, which is still a spectacular show, even though it's missing the music.)

Websense has entered the department here at work today.

I found it out a couple hours ago while trying visit PPMB to read what's goin' on... Wait, no, it was geekier than that, I was at the Daria wiki to double check an edit I made earlier this week and it the page was blocked. No social networking or message boards/forums or something like that.


Checked the comics I like to read, none of them worked. The reasons, oddly enough, varied. Most were marked as entertainment, a few as forums, a couple as social networking, one as shopping. The shopping one was odd, so I checked and saw the Amazon was working just fine. Still does. Funny, seems to me that if part of its job is to block shopping sites, then shouldn't it block all shopping sites? Isn't this the sort of thing that the Net Neutrality hearings and such are about?

Oh, well, for today, at least, I can blog through my e-mail, since it's been up all day. Tomorrow, who knows. When I log in in the morning I may not be able to access my g-mail account. I can also read the feeds from Google Reader, but that may not last.

Oh, yes, it's an exciting time to work for the state.

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