Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Future Passing Before My Eyes

Yesterday morning, around five AM, my grandmother was found wandering
the streets nearish to where she lives. She had a gash on her head and
didn't know where she was or where she lived. She did remember her

This will ruin my parents' summer. Fortunatly they both work for
schools and have the summer off, but they may have to give up their
June trip to the North to visit my brother, his wife, and their two
children and they may have to give up their July trip to the South to
visit my brother and his wife.

How do I know it will ruin their summer?

Well, it sucked up all of my parents' spare time from January 2012
through June 2012 so that we, I helped, could move my grandparents
into the assisted living place last August.

Wow. It hasn't even been a year since they moved.

The most selfish thing about all of this is that I can see my future
in my parents present.

I live the closest to them and will probably continue to do so. If I'm
lucky one will move from six-ish hours away to three-ish hours away,
but I'm currently just an hour away and probably won't be more than
two hours away, ever. So, it'll probably be me. Although I do expect
more support from my brothers than my parents get from my dad's
siblings. What kind of support, I don't know, but at least they're not
assholes and cowards.

There is so much more to say, but I'm leaving work and am going to stop.

Be well.

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