Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I spent a portion of the work day reading about the drug the brain doctor would like to put me on. The side effects are basically the same as every other SSRI I've read about.

I also did the 500+ inventory test he asked me to do. Some of it I wasn't to sure of. It was all true/false, which made most of it easy, but there are questions where the real answer is "sometimes," but there was no way to answer that way. And then there was the question that, well it went some like "I have spent a lot of time imagining I was a girl. (Or if you are a girl you like being a girl.)" I don't know how to interpret that question. There were more questions that struck me as odd, but that one seemed the oddest.

There's no lab test to tell if a person is has major depressive disorder, but the doctor claims that the test helps to figure it out. Still, after spending an hour with him talking about the horrible-ness of my brain and he doesn't think I'm very depressed, well I don't think a test would tell him.

Oh, well. I go back on Friday and I expect to get a prescription then pick up some pills and, hopefully, in four to six weeks I'll be a different me. A better me.

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