Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Here It Is

The brain doctor said that there are lots of studies that show that exercise helps to speed up the absorption of the anti-depressions meds. Plus, I'm very, very fat.

The brain doctor wants me to walk, which I would do if I lived on a street where people drove slower than 55 MPH. I don't, though, so he wanted to me to get a treadmill. I looked at the used ones and the new ones and wondered if I was too, too fat to actually use a cheap treadmill. And the treadmills that weren't cheap were very not cheap.

Then I saw a stationary bike like the one my parents have had for 15+ years, but much quieter.

I bought the thing yesterday and dragged it into the house. Today I put it together. Tomorrow I have no good excuse to not exercise.


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jason wong said...

I feel you bro xD