Friday, August 04, 2017

Just to Post

Post a picture of u? Nobody wants to see that.
Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now? I don't date anyone. So, no.
Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys? I've found it easier to be friends with girls, but I don't prefer one to the other. I prefer nerds and that requires no gender.
Would you ever smile at a stranger? I do it all the time.
Can you commit to one person? Probably. Right now that person is me.
How do you look right now? Through my eyes.
What exactly are you wearing right now? Polo shirt, black slacks, grey sneakers.
How often do you listen to music? At least 30 minutes a day, but it tends to repeat.
Do you wear jeans or sweats more? Sweats, I guess. I don't wear jeans. Cheap slacks are more comfortable.
Do you think your life will change dramatically before 2015? When was this written again? No for back then and no for 2018.
Are you a social or an antisocial person? Antisocial.
If the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say? It depends on how friendly we are. If we're not friendly then I don't say a thing. If we are casually friendly then I probably only say that it's nice when directly asked. If we're good friends I ask what they like about the other person. I wouldn't do or say anything to hurt this person's feelings. It's my fault for not moving.
Are you good at hiding your feelings? When I have feelings I think I'm good at hiding them.
Can you drive a stick shift? In the USA I can. I don't know how well I'd be able to do it in the UK or other drive on the left nations.
Do you care if people talk badly about you? Not really, but I do get bothered if I think about people talking about me. It doesn't matter what they're actually saying.
Are you going out of town soon? I hope to see a play soon.
When was the last time you cried? Long, long ago. Why is this question so important to these types of questionnaires?
Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to? Is this like a suddenly you're crushing on your friend that you've known since kindergarten thing? Or more you're crushing on the evil super trash who hates everyone -- you can tell by the racial and sexual slurs used -- thing? Every time I've like-liked someone it was a surprise because I don't expect it.
If you could change your eye color, would you? Probably not. Unless I could do like bee stripes concentric circles or something.
Name something you have to do tomorrow? Grocery shopping.
Name something you dislike about the day you’re having. Work.
Have you ever liked one of your best friends of the opposite sex? I've always like my friends of the opposite sex. I'm not friends with people I don't like. Have I like-liked any of them? Yes.
Are you nice to everyone? I try not to be rude to everyone, but I'm not neccessarily nice.
What are you sitting on right now? My ass. A rolling chair.
Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat? Yes. Absolutely. But I don't relationship, so I'll never test this out.
Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have? I've never tried, so how could I know I couldn't have had that someone. Pining from the distance assuming that person would never romantically is not knowing. The only way to know is to ask. I don't ask.
Who was the last person you talked to before you went to bed last night? The last person I would have talked to is a coworker before we locked up for the night. After that, I only talked to myself. Oh, and some cats.
Do you get a lot of colds? Usually only one bad one each year.
Have your pants ever fallen down in public? No. When your a fatty, you worry more about splitting your pants in public.
Does anyone hate you? I don't think so, but I spend as little time with people as possible and would do my best not to spend time with someone I knew hated me. Unless I was getting paid, that is.
Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to? My therapist is the opposite sex of me, but I would never tell anyone everything.
Do you like watching scary movies? Yes, but I didn't start enjoying scary movies until I was in high school.
Are you a jealous person? Rarely.
If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be? Sixth grade. Let's erase from August 1 before school started through the next July 31. Good fucking riddance!
Did you have a dream last night? Yes. I seem to dream every night with this current antidepressant. Sometimes they are crazy vivid.
Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to? In theory I COULD tell everyone everything. In practice, no way.
Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years? No.
Do you think someone has feelings for you? I assume my family and coworkers have some feelings for me, but I also assume that no one has romantic feelings for me.
Do you think someone is thinking about you right now? God, I hope not. I get twitchy when I think someone is thinking about me.
Did you have a good day yesterday? It was average. I don't like my job, but I also don't hate it. So...
Think back 2 months ago; were you in a relationship? Romantic relationship? No. Never have been, probably never will be.
Is your life anything like it was two years ago? Eerily similar.
If the person you wish to be with were with you, what would you be doing right now? Waiting in line for a roller coaster arguing which was better/more important, Wonder Woman or Captain America: First Avenger?
What’s the best part about school? Those times when a teacher takes your thoughts seriously and you're not treated like an average asshole.
Do you have any pictures on your Facebook? Yes, but I don't post pictures of me.
Do you ever pass notes to your friends in school? I was lucky enough to rarely have friends in the same class as me
Do you replay things that have happened in your head? Yes. Mostly when I'm trying to plan for the future or figure out if a memory is real or from a TV show I watched as a kid.
Were you single over the last summer? Over every summer.
What are you supposed to be doing right now? Reviewing applications.
Don’t tell me lies, is the last person you texted attractive? My mother is adorable.

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