Monday, December 08, 2003

Knavenly Keep Klinging Kookie Knack

Have you ever felt like there's something, an idea perhaps, in your head and it's trying to push it's way out? You know, it's like the eggs in there, that that bug you brother dropped in your ear once long ago, are hatching and trying to find an outlet somewhere in your body. I don't think I've ever had that feeling, but I'm still hoping.

Anyway, my attempt at writing a novel hasn't proceeded at all. I haven't written anything about it in over a month. I was looking up some of the history of this area to use as research toward some names. Unfortunately, I can't find a decent online resource for native California languages. And then the plotting hasn't been going too well. I have a sort of map for the first five chapters and for the last three. So, I have the beginning and the end, which includes the climax. The problem is what goes on in between?

It's not an exciting novel. It's not based around any kind of action, but on the characters. I don't want it plot driven, like so many of the books I like to read. I want the characters to be realistic. I want them to be understood, but not necessarily liked because that's the way real life works, right?

There is a gun in the story, but I don't plan on anyone dying (of course, if I actually get around to writing it, the characters may take over and someone may end up dead, we'll all see). I want the reader to feel a little ashamed of reading the book. I want it to be like voyeurism. Like you shouldn't be involved in the story or knowing about it, but you are.

Is that too artsy of an idea? Is it too much?

Sometimes, I think I should just stick with science fiction and fantasy, I know those best, better than I do what goes on out in the "real" world. Write what you know, right? All I know are the fictional worlds I see on TV and I read about in books.

It's a bit frightening.

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