Thursday, December 18, 2003

More from Me

Well, life has been very busy for me. I'm working six days this week and worked five last week (pretty good for a guy with only one day on the schedule). And I also feel like all the sleep I lost after I left work is trying to catch up with me. I go to bed early and wake up late. Strange.

Any way, I've been listening to too much NPR again and heard some more great stories.

The first is about this wonderful thing called StoryCorps. This is place in New York's Grand Central Station where people go to interview their friends and family to help create a history of, well, now. After the interview is done, a CD is created for the people who were in the booth and a CD is created to go to the Library of Congress. I think this is awsome. If I had the money (and therefore the time) I'd take my grandparents there and do this with them.

Second is something I heard this morning about Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings. See, Star Wars fans are attacking LotR because they worry that LotR may become a more popular trilogy. I have several questions, but the main one is: Is there no place in these pepole to enjoy both trilogies? I like the both. I see strengths and weakness in both. I can attack or defend either. Are those Star Wars people so insecure about what they enjoy that they have to attack anther good movie series? I don't get it.

And finally, I heard this great interview about the lost books and sects of Christianity. Next time I'm at a real bookstore, I'm keeping my radar up to look for these two books, very interesting.

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