Friday, January 16, 2004


A request has been made for an update. Who am I to argue?

Yesterday was my last day at the Starbucks in Sonora. I made toffee for the people there. I figured I'd leave them with sweets made of butter and sugar, mostly. It was delicious, and I wasn't the only one who thought so. The day was long. Mainly because it was my tenth day, in a row, of work. Not fun, especially because there were four opening shifts and then four later in the day shifts. I did it all, though. And now I'm done... there.

Today was a trip from this cowtown to the cowcity I'm moving to. I visited the Starbucks I want to transfer to so I could talk with the manager. She was nice. After a few minutes of plesantries she told me that if I came to work there I couldn't be promised many hours and then told me that other stores are always looking for substitute workers. Thats fine with me, as long as I can find the fucking store. (I always get mixed-up driving in that city. Hopefully I'll get better, but I'm not holding my breath.) Keep your fingers crossed that things will work out well, if not at Starbucks, then at school.

In other news, I've been listening to way too much NPR (the best thing on today) and, of course, it started me thinking. Okay, one of the biggest problems facing all the candidates for any government office is money, the debt and defict. Most people think that the only ways to fix the money problems are by raising taxes (oh, dear God, NO!) or cutting spending (oh, dear God, NO!), but there is another way which would be to allow the government to supply goods and servises for a profit.

Am I suggesting that the government do the things that we now trust industry to do? Yes, I am. People out there will shout that Government has no right interfearing with private industry, but I have to ask, why? Industry has no goal except to turn a profit. Government, on the other hand, has to at least do some things that help the people of its nation like schools and roads and a bloated "defence" force that is used to bully a world.

I'm not suggesting that Government nationalize all the businness, but if we want it to do some good without having to take money through taxes, we have to give it the ability to turn a profit.

Of course, that's a far out idea, isn't it? The people of this nation didn't want a national bank in the 1820s, so why would people now want this nation to provide goods and services that corporations are already providing?

Ah, forget it.

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