Saturday, January 31, 2004

"Many different herrings."

Well, this is the last post of the month. I don't really know what to write, but felt like I should some how celebrate the last post of the month. Is that weird? It probably wouldn't be if I did it each end of the month, huh? Oh well.

I guess it wouldn't be so weird if I did this each month, but I just never thought of it before today. So, here's to the end of one crappy month and the beginning to a new one.

I had my first "real" week of school this week. Two of the Design: Fundamentals classes. We cut pictures out of magazines and were given many different terms that I may or may not remember for the quiz that we may or may not have before the middle of the term. I also had the one Elementary Drawing and Comp class (it's four hours each Friday). In that class I got to draw three things. One in pencil (and I need many more pencils than the lady told me to get because I don't like pushing too hard on them), but I drew two things. One in charcoal, which I didn't care for, not enough control. And one in conte, which is sort of like charcoal, but isn't, but was easier to control than the coal was, for me. For home work, I need to do a picture in ink, joy. The teacher said that she's more interested in how we experiment with the uses of the media we use than if it looks a lot like it's supposed to, but I think she'd like it more if we could get it to look like what we are aiming for. Only Jebus knows what's going to be done next week, but I'm sick of terms and would rather just get to work, these are art classes after all.

It looks like The Producers is going to be turned back into a movie. I like the original a lot and have a great fondness for the musical. I hope they can pull it off as a movie. And I hope they're not squeamish about having Nazi pigeons.

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