Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Furlough days have become "self directed," but we still have to use them within the month, so I took my second one for March on Monday.

Tuesday was Caesar Chavez Day here in CA to annoy people who wanted to use state services. If we were really celebrating Mr. Chavez, shouldn't we all go and pick artichokes, or something, for the day? 'Course I wouldn't drive down to Monterey, but it's a thought.

I ain't gots nothin' else to write today. Jus' thought I'd 'splain where I was.


Jazz said...

What did Chavez do to merit his own holiday? I'm still waiting for a Jazz day to be declared.

ticknart said...

Chavez fought for the rights of Mexican farm workers: legal, illegal, migrant, whatever.

He gets a day devoted to him because it make the Mexican-American "leaders" in California feel like the state respects them because even though the state wants to limit the rights of their people at least the state recognizes a dead leader from the past.