Friday, April 03, 2009

Music, TV, Other Stuff

I put my headphones on and listened to myPod earlier this afternoon and caught myself thinking, "Damn, I have good taste in music." That led me to not be surprised because of course I'd like the music I've filled myPod with. (Although, I do find that the older I get the less I enjoy listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival, and The Cranberries, with the exception of a few songs from each of these bands.)

For the last several days I've been thinking about songs I'm missing, though. I don't have "Tainted Love" or "99 Luftballons" (in German or English) or "Tom's Diner" or so many other songs that I've enjoyed, and still enjoy.

In another part of my psyche, I have a history of enjoying TV shows that I'm both too old for and not the target gender, like Lizzie McGuire. Recently, I've really been enjoying iCarly. It's stupid, but it makes me laugh. So, there's the most recent TV show in that category.

During my working hours I am sometimes obsessed by a game called The Space Game. When I start, I find it hard to quit playing the game.

I keep thinking about mint chip ice cream cake. Those are so very tasty.


geewits said...

I think you have to really be in a certain mood or place or something to enjoy CCR or it can be kind of grating. I watch some TV shows that I would never even tell people about. I even watch a soap! I hope you had a great birthday. Now I want to go to youtube and listen to "99 Luftballons."

ticknart said...

If you watch General Hospital, at least it's not a bad soap.

And it was pretty good. Thanks.

geewits said...

I watch "All My Children." It's the funny soap.

Jazz said...

Good thing you put music you like on your iPod... ;-)

I was thinking of getting one but I can't help but wonder whether I'd actually listen to it. All in all I quite like silence.

ticknart said...

Geewits -- Funny soap is acceptable, too.

Jazz -- I mainly use myPod when I'm walking to and from work, while I'm washing lots of dishes, and on long car trips.

Although I've started using it more at work, when I think I can get away with it.