Friday, April 17, 2009

Long Term Plans

This weekend, go shopping because Easter threw me off a week.

Next weekend, do laundry and go shopping to get back on schedule.

Do laundry and go shopping every other weekend from there on out, when possible.

Memorial Day (USA), hopefully go and seen Spamalot in SF with Wings.

Early to mid-June, see Wicked in SF with parents

July 4th weekend, head up toward Cowtown for grandparents' 50th anniversary.

July 31st, drive to Oregon for brother's wedding the next day then drive back day after that.

Mid-September, "celebrate" finishing fourth fucking year of this job.

12AM Friday 9th, fly out of Cowcity for visit with brother and girlfriend in Baltimore. Do stuff there. Get back on 19th

Thanksgiving, go somewhere to eat turkey and mashed potatoes with people I like.

Christmas, see entry for Thanksgiving.

New Year's Eve, climb into bed by ten and fall asleep before eleven.


geewits said...

These sound good, but what's with all the shopping?

ticknart said...

It's just part of my long term plans. As long as I live here in this apartment I plan on going grocery shopping every other week.

I don't drive much. If I drove to work my shopping habits would probably be different.