Thursday, July 16, 2009


There's a petition being passed around in the office to recall the governator.

I didn't sign it.

I couldn't.

Sure, I think the guy's an asshole and a puppet who doesn't have any real ideas and is just being used by over-zealous members of the Republican party, but he hasn't committed any crimes. A recall election should only be used by the people to oust a criminal.

Got some dirty looks for not signing the thing, too. I guess that just because I'm angry means I should throw out my, few, morals and look for some sort of revenge. Fuckers.

If he'd pulled a Blagojevich sort of thing, then I'd sign the petition, but not for being an asshole. That's not a crime. And if it were, I think we'd all end up in prison.


heels said...

As much as I dislike him, I don't think I could sign it, either.

Jazz said...

If being an asshole was a crime the prison population would be mind-boggling.

geewits said...

Good for you! I hope they get that stuff ironed out soon. Conan mentioned it tonight and I said, "Poor Ticknart!"