Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Have You Got the Buzz?

I don't understand Google Buzz. Is it supposed to compete with Twitter? Facebook? What? I don't get it. I don't twit. I don't face. I don't think I want to buzz.

I really wish they had given me some warning before it showed up so I could take steps to not be involved.

Yes, I went and I unbuzzed everyone on my list (sorry if you were one of 'em and it upset you) and then hid the buzz link, but it really shouldn't have shown up at all unless I wanted it there in the first place.

Christ, it sort of reminds me of when Microsoft got a hold of Hotmail and started adding links and scrolls and all sorts of other crap that drove me to Gmail in the first place. What happened to just having a simple, free(ish) e-mail account that didn't try to constantly "lead" me to content that I may be interested in?

Other people may love this kind of shit, getting force fed snippets of information, but I don't.

Fuck you Google for this bullshit. From what I've checked out, you're still the cleanest free e-mail I can get (since I can take steps hide all crap I don't want to use). Let me control my fucking content before it appears. You're not making my interblogs time easier or more fun, you just creating clutter.

And I'm not a fan of clutter fucks.


heels said...

Actually, it did have an opt out right at the start.

ticknart said...

I don't remember having the choice. I logged into Gmail and there it was in bold blue with that funky ass symbol after it.

I get notices in Google Reader, too. "This person is following you!" "Now it's this person, too!"


AE said...

Being stocked, eh...?

ticknart said...

Uh, as in storing good for the future?