Friday, February 26, 2010

The Office is Not a Reflection of Life

To borrow a phrase, "Il pleut comme vache qui pisse."

Well, not now, but earlier. From my desk, looking out the window, the rain was coming down so hard it looked like fog. Wasn't fog, though, because I could hear it pounding on the roof. Co-workers were gathered at a window mocking the people who were outside.

I think one of my co-workers is going to get fired. (What a transition, right?) This morning he played a joke on TMSV, the one who told that inane story, the one who never shuts up, the one who thinks her business is sometimes (too often) ours and our business is always hers. He took everything on her desk and moved it back to the desk that she was supposed to start using when she was promoted last year. She came in and freaked out, although I didn't hear her since she was in the back and I just don't care. Then she left and never came back.

Since then there have been whispered conversations and phone calls and such. Some people think that the problem is with TMSV because she's quick to threaten action when things don't go her way. (I have no idea if she's actually gone through with it.) Some think that they want to be prepared for Monday when she comes in and starts to throw out threats.

I disagree.

I think GICS may get fired because he's consistently late and calls in sick a lot. (Like he's in the sick day hole by something like 80 hours.) He's a hard worker and gets stuff done, but he's loud and obnoxious and quite often a jerk. He's been in lots of private meetings, although not recently, that ended with many sour faces. I think that by next Friday, he's gone.

I hope, however, that TMSV will be banished to the desk in the back. It's so much more peaceful without her around.

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