Friday, February 24, 2012

Really, Only I Care

I've been watching too much YouTube and it led me to decide that when they make a Wicked movie, based on the play, not the book, Anne Hathaway should play Elphaba. She can act. She can sing. And she'll probably look really nice green.

Still not sure about Galinda/Glinda, though. The idea of Heather Morris as Glinda amuses me, but I don't think she has the voice for it. (Of course, whose voice could compare to Kristen Chenoweth? No one.)

At least I have the main character cast. (I even have a back-up actress in Jenna Leigh Green. She'd be good, too. Although I don't think she's "bankable" enough to be cast.)

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Anonymous said...

Heather Morris would be too young to play Glinda if Anne Hathaway is Elphaba. How about Laura Bell Bundy? Saw her in Legally Blonde years ago and she was great.

I have been obsessed with the Billy Elliot soundtrack recently.