Thursday, April 29, 2004


I'm sitting in class, right now, thinking about how much I'd like to be somewhere else. I'm bored. I don't want to do the work. I'm missing the second to last episode of F*R*I*E*N*D*S. I losing valuable reading time. I'm angry because I had to leave work late and couldn't check out the other place for a gift for the wedding. And I didn't get a haircut.


Saturday I can get a haircut. I'll just get in Cowtown, that's where I've gotten almost all of my cuts before in my life. I'll go to the cheap place. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Class isn't over until 9:30, I think. I'm not exactly sure. I'm not finished with my classwork. Nope. It's not that it's hard, because it isn't, it's just that I'm trying to make it too complicated. I have knowlecge of this program that most students don't and I want to use it, but I can't. Ugh.

Draw a square. Draw a circle. Use the swirl tool. Try some of the other things. Ugh.

Okay, nose to the grindstone, only an hour left.

Babysteps to 9:30...

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