Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's 15 minutes until I get to leave and I don't want to do any work. I don't want to play any games. I'd like to sit and read, but I don't think the guy in charge would appreciate that. Mostly, I'd like to be on my way to my apartment right now.

Not that I'm doing anything interesting tonight.

Still, being there sitting on my ass and watching the third season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is better than sitting here on my ass waiting to leave.



geewits said...

We watched the Buffy musical after midnight and even did a dance and singalong. It was fun and you should try it one night to perk up your spirits.

ticknart said...

In my apartment, or car, I always singalong when they're something to sing with.

Mom said...

I have all his Buffy DVD's. I guess I'd better get them watched and back, huh? Drat, that means more ironing.

Jazz said...

I just started work today and as I stood on the steps into the building, I looked at the door and wanted nothing more than to run far far away.

ticknart said...

Mom -- I have movies which I can, and do, sing with.

Jazz -- At least you had a nice amount of time away from the city. That must have been great.