Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Went for a walk on my lunch hour 'cause I can't really concentrate on reading my book. I like to think that it's 'cause I finished a lot of books last week (four) and am just readed out.

Sort of doubt it, though.


Sue said...

I guess if you are all "readed out", you need to start doodling. :-)

Jazz said...

And once you're doodled out you can start reading again.

AE said...

And once you're readed out after bein' doodled out you can ... ah forget it. I can recommend a few books ... not that you want / need the recommend ... Knowing you, you've a list of 'to read' as long as my 'to draw'.

geewits said...

I've always wondered about you people that read book after book. When I'm through with a book I like to think about it for a while. I've actually read two books too close together before and the first book's characters were so sharply still in my mind that I accidentally inserted them into the new story. I would think something like, "Why doesn't she call the doctor she had lunch with last week? He could help her with this." And then realize the doctor was in the other (unrelated) book.

ticknart said...

Sue -- Maybe, but I don't doodle much because I'm not sitting in class with paper in front of me anymore.

Jazz -- Sure.

Matt -- I don't have a list, but I do have several books that are unread stacked around my apartment.

Geewits -- Well, three of the books starred the same main characters, so getting them mixed up in other places wasn't likely.