Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What's in a Name?

I don't name my cars. I've always called them "car" or "van" or by the model, when I drove a Pinto.

My new car named itself when its license plate came.

Its name is George Herbert Walker.

Yes, I am driving a Republican car.


heels said...

Yes, but YOU drive IT. You're the decider!

Matt said...

When did you get a new car?

the moooooo said...

Dad say you have GOT to come up with another combination of names for those letters! He says there are million out there and that you can do better. LOL

otis said...

Mine also choose it's own name: Voldemort.

It's an anarchist.

Jazz said...

That's some scary shit.

My plates are VLD 666 so the Matrix became Very Lively Demon

ticknart said...

Heels & The Moooooo -- Can't change it. That's the car's name. Doesn't mean I'll call it anything but "car," though.

Matt -- Oh, I thought I mentioned it. Umm, since halfway through November.

Otis -- An anarchist and a smart one, at that.

Jazz -- Only scary if elected into high office.

heels said...

I didn't mean you should change it, I mean that it may be a Republican, but you're behind the wheel.

ticknart said...


And it's a lot easier steering a car of an opposing party than a Congress.

AE said...

It's telling you that, regardless of its right-leaning motives, it truly does have moderate politics.