Friday, January 23, 2009


Have "Space Oddity" stuck in my head and can't shake it. Haven't been able to shake it all day.

You know, I've learned something today: Never let the first song you hear in the morning be "Space Oddity."


Jazz said...

DAMN YOU TICKNART!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL! I read that and now i'm stuck with it.

Apparently those songs you can't get rid of are called earworms. I kid you not!

see here

I first saw the term today at Citzen's blog

I hope I got the HTML shit right, if not you'll have to grumble that I'm a techno-idiot and do the ole cut and paste

Jazz said...

I did it!!! YAY me!!

ticknart said...

I knew they were called "earworms." The first time I saw the term was a while ago (in fact I used it way back in 2004), the article I read was interviewing German scientists as they learned more about songs getting stuck in people's heads and in German the term for that is "ohrwurm," which is what I named this post.

Jazz said...

Damn, you know Everything! One day I'll come up with a tidbit you don't know. I will. Yep.

ticknart said...

You probably already have, but I didn't admit to not knowing. It's an insecurity that the internets lets me keep hidden very easily.