Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Another One of Those

Once again I'm sitting here, nearing the end of the work day, wanting to write something here, but not having much to say.

It's been that way for a while, hasn't it. Seems like all my recent blogs have only been a few sentences or a meme or questionnaire. Just a reflection, I guess.

I leave later for Cowtown than I originally planned to, on Thursday. Like around 8:30. It's supposed to start snowing there tonight, though, so I may not leave until Friday morning so I can head up after the plow and sand truck.

I found out I have TV again. I was trying to get the digital box thing to work with my bunny ears and I thought, what the hell, and plugged the TV into the cable outlet. I have (basic) cable for free. I wonder when it happened.

Easier to veg, now.

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SuziFitz Beads said...

Congratulations on your cable.