Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Person Pronounless

Took tomorrow off to go into SF for the weekend. Spendin' money don't really have.

Haven't been much into writing. Ah, well.

Been worried about paying for the trip and a place to stay for my brother's wedding. Parents may rent a house though, and that'd solve where to stay, and how much it costs. Now more worried about taking time off work and how to get there. Probably driving.

Need to get up to Cowtown in the next few weeks and talk to parents. (Unrelated to thing in above paragraph.)

Amazoned near sister-in-law her birthday present on Monday. Tracking hasn't really tracked it all week. Hope it gets there by her birthday on Saturday.

To get to SF whenever, bought a card that beeps at the front of the bus instead of carrying cash. Think it's a good investment.

Think DVD player is dying, almost 10 years-old. Hasn't been reading the Sabrina set Mom loaned me too well. Hasn't been reading Deadwood too well, either.

Job's changed, sort of. Trying to catch-up the DEU stuff. Slow going when the I&A guys are also there to boss me around.

Wonder if the reason people thing glasses make one look smarter is because the first people who wore glasses were ones who read and wrote a lot.

Want food processor. Even more, want more counter space so there is room to use food processor.

Possibility of winning ticket to see advance Watchmen. Would like to win so don't have to pay for movie will see, but not particularly excited about.

Feel stinky sweaty. Yucky.

Done. 'Bye

Edit 4:25: PS Wish WingB and her beau a safe flight and a fun trip to Italy! They leave in a few days.


geewits said...

I hope everything works out for your trip (trips?). As for the glasses thing, people who need glasses and don't wear them are just stupid. Maybe that's why people who first wore glasses seemed smart?

Jazz said...

Damn, she always beats me to the punch. And you're no doubt right re. the glasses. Back then they were the only people who really needed to wear glasses I suppose.

Anonymous said...

awww..thanks! Sorry I won't get to see you tomorrow. I will bring back lots of pictures and stories. Wish me luck..=) Take care & see you soon!


ticknart said...

Geewits -- I had fun, but I only went to SF for two days instead of three. I was pooped on Sunday. I missed some things that I'd have liked to see, though.

I like your reason about glasses, but are people who wear contact lenses stupid, then? Or just perceived as stupid?

Jazz -- I still wonder why it carries over to today. I know plenty of really smart people who don't need to wear glasses, or correct their vision in general, and have met more than a few dumb-asses who do wear glasses.

Wings -- Have fun. Your guy needs to have fun, too!

geewits said...

Well you were talking about the early days of glasses and there were no contact lenses then. And I actually have known people who need glasses and did not have them or contact lenses.

ticknart said...

True, early days.