Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wicked Cool

Wicked is going to be around during WonderCon. I'm seriously considering staying the night in SF on Saturday and going to Wicked after WonderCon.

Expensive, but probably worth it.

10:17 AM PST: Wait and go with friend for birthday, if she's up for it. Save money on hotel!


10:43 AM PST: Well, my friend is going to see it a week or two before my birthday. Still, I'd rather go around my birthday than during WonderCon.

Spread the fun around, right?


Jazz said...

Ohhh. I'd love to see that.

geewits said...

If I lived nearby, I'd go with you and even buy your ticket.

choochoo said...

ooh, that looks cool:D

SuziFitz Beads said...

Woo-hoo! I'm glad we're going. I suppose I should get the soundtrack so that I can sing along.

ticknart said...

Jazz -- Totally worth seeing.

Geewits -- Too bad you don't live close, but I'll be seeing it even though you are far away.

Choochoo -- If it's ever in your clime, see it.

Suzi -- I'll bring it at Easter, if you like.

SuziFitz Beads said...

Yes please!