Monday, October 05, 2009

Zombie Limericks!

Sort of like that Zombie Haiku! post. (Oh, and thanks to RhymeZone for helping when I got stuck.)
He said that he wanted my brain.
Not those girls exceedingly vain.
'Til he munched on a chick
Who was built like a brick.
They just won't eat one who's so plain.

Being dead doesn't mean being rude.
Ripping flesh with your teeth is so crude.
So, use knife and fork
To eat human pork.
It's the civilized way to eat food.

It's hard to remember having fun
When worried about your gun.
We see all we kill.
There are more on the hill.
Soon everyone will have to run.

The safest, they said, would be malls,
With barricaded doors and thick walls.
Well, now we're surrounded
And constantly hounded,
With nothing to eat but baseballs.

I shuffle and groan every day.
For my people, it's just our way.
When we're in luck,
We chow down on Chuck,
Or that grizzled old bat, Aunt May.
Please do your own and if you post it to your blog let me know in the comments.


Jazz said...

I love these, thanks for the laugh. Not sure I'd ever manage to write one though...

ticknart said...

Thanks. You're welcome. And I'm sure you could.

ticknart said...

Is it okay for me to be disappointed?

I'm disappointed.

heels said...

These are awesome. Also? I am a TERRIBLE limerick writer. *le sigh*

pippijewelry said...

there once was a zombie from France
who had trouble wearing his pants
he tightened his belt
and immediately felt
his bottom half had moved askance.