Wednesday, November 04, 2009


First, she did it. Today, her husband did it. I say everyone should do it.

I did it:

As usual, click for biggers, if you need to, or, for some odd reason, want to.

Also, you should know, this is me, especially in the beginning, trying to write more clearly. Usually it's small and cramped because I think words faster than I can write and drop small words and letters and then have to go and cram them in to make for complete(ish) sentences. It happened in this bit of writing where I wrote "because, to the best of my." What it looks to me like I originally wrote was "because, th best o my."

Also, I write just as straight even when there are lines on the page. I guess I see the lines more as barriers not to cross, too much, rather than what I'm supposed to write on.

A list of some others:

From So The Fish Said's comments:


Jazz said...

OK, I'm gonna do this.

ticknart said...


And I'll link yours to mine and try to start a list of these things if it catches on!


AE said...

I'm, to this day, amused at how similar our scrawls see to be and how yours, mine & Sean's, when viewed together show signs of similarity.

(PERSONAL ASIDE: What would you like from Hawaii?)

ticknart said...

Yeah, we do all have some similarities in handwriting, but compared to his, yours and mine are really legible.

(As for the aside, mahi-mahi cooked with macadamia nuts and lemon butter.)

Rebecca said...

IMPOSSIBLE! Things non-perishable, sir! NON-perishable!

ticknart said...

Hey, he just asked what I'd like. He put no restrictions on it!

How about something weird? Do they have pine cones in Hawaii? I'd really like a Hawaiian pine cone.

pixiedreams8 said...

My mind is always working faster then I can write (or speak) so I am constantly finding myself skipping all over the place and when I go back to read it it never makes any stinkin sense.

ticknart said...

PixieDreams -- I like to think that it only happens to the best of us.

'Course then I realize that it happens to me and that blows the theory out of the water. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and spiking my stats, you and everyone else visiting from So The Fish Said.