Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where the jobs at?

She came to work this morning cursing under her breath. On a good day, she travels an hour, over a bridge and through hills, to get to work. She moved to her house 18 months ago when she was hired to be a lead around there. The pay was better and the commute shorter. The job... well, it didn't work out. So, she ended up working here, again.

Her complaints got louder as she got closer to people. Not louder because she was suddenly closer, but louder because the closer she got the more she raised her voice.

"I can't do this no more," she said. "Those god damned people." She shook her head. "I need a different job. I swear, those people are going to kill me." She reached her cubie and stripped off her coat. "I just can't do this no more. I'm gonna march myself into the judge's office and tell him I'm gone." She set her coffee and keys on her desk. "Tell him I can't do this no more." She left her cube. "I'm gonna find me a new job and get the hell away from here." She walked past my cube and into the judge's office. "This place is gonna kill me." She found out the office was empty and went back to her cube. "I think I can't do this no more."

After that, she continued to mumble and grumble for a while, but I couldn't hear anything specific.

Twenty minutes, or so, later, I walked past her cube on my way to the scanner and saw what she was looking at online: eHarmony.

On the way back to my desk: eHarmony.

On my way to the mail area a hour later: one monitor our crappy system, the other eHarmony.

90 seconds ago: one monitor our crappy system, the other eHarmony.

I never thought of eHarmony as a place to look for work. (You know, other than the work involved in dating and other human relationships.)

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