Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dear California,

Welcome to a new era of institutionalized bigotry and discrimination. Jim Crow is back, although it should probably have a more gay sounding name, like Claireesa Ambrosial or something.

This year's Proposition 8 will be headed to court, I know this, but since it alters the state's constitution, it'll have to be decided by a federal appellate. No matter what the decisions of the lower appellate court, the losing side is going to push the appeal up the ladder and in the end it'll be for the Supreme Court to decide.

If the Supreme Court chooses to hear the appeal, it'll be Bush's court that does. I think we can all guess what their decision will be.

Of course, it'll ignore that clause in the 14th Amendment which says, "No state shall ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws," but that's beside that point. I mean, just because a corporation is considered a person under the 14th Amendment doesn't mean we should allow people to get married because some think a marriage shouldn't have too many or too few penises involved.

I'm sad. It hurts me to know that a friend I had in high school, who came out in college, can join the armed forces and be shipped around the world with a gun in his hand, but when he gets back he's not allowed to enjoy the privileges that heterosexuals have.

It may just be me, but I used to think of you as a progressive state. Sure, you didn't allow women to vote until 1911, and it took a State Supreme Court decision to allow interracial marriages in 1948, and I've watched you choose to treat children who commit crimes as adults and then increase the punishment, and this is the second time you've decided that a marriage should only involve one penis, but I wanted to believe you were good and wanted to help and protect people.

Maybe it's time for me to seriously consider leaving. I've vaguely flirted with the idea in the past, but it was never serious. Today, though, it feels more serious. Perhaps I'll move to one of those states that have practiced intolerance for hundreds of years so I'll never be disappointed when I see intolerance and fear win.

All the best of luck,



geewits said...

I was shocked about prop 8. WTF?

ticknart said...

That's what I keep asking myself!

Jazz said...

In California of all places.