Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Teaching? HA!

My grandma has decided that I'd be a perfect teacher. She decided this because I followed a two-year old and a three-year old around trying to keep them getting hurt and to give the babysitter, the first, and the parents, the second kid, some time off to just visit with people.

Basically, I followed them around and pretended to understand what they were saying when they talked to me about whatever excited them. Also, I gave them flashlights so they could walk around in the dark and watch the shadows. They were so distracted by the things around them, I didn't have to do anything more than just watch them play. Hardly what a teacher does.

When I tried to explain to her why I don't want to be a teacher and I'd not be a particularly good teacher, she didn't really hear what I said. She tends to not listen when someone says something she disagrees with. The conversation ended with her reasserting that I'd be a great teacher, especially of little kids, and me trying not to shake my head while she looked my way.


Mom said...

Actually, you WOULD be a great teacher. You have the patience for it and you do have the ability to "pretend".

Thanks for coming up to visit at the last minute, it was fun.

Mom (again) said...

But just because you would be a great teacher doesn't mean you'd enjoy the job.

Jazz said...

You'd be a great teacher, you could shut the blinds, give 30 preschoolers flashlights and watch them run into things.

As you can see, I wouldn't be so great.

otis said...

I've had this thought for you before.

ticknart said...

I think I'd be an okay teacher if I had a class of 3 where only 2/3rds of the students didn't want to be there rather than a class of 30 where it's closer to 5/6th of the students not wanting to be there.

Plus, I know I'd hate the job because I have enough difficulty knowing that there are a handful of people who put some trust into me, how would I ever be able to handle what I have already plus 30 to 180 students? Just the thought of that makes my pulse double.

AE said...

A)I've been told this same bloody thing by nearly every family member and, probably, would make a good teacher.

B) You'd be better than me.

C) Little kids like coming to school and

D) Do what makes you happy regardless (of course I hear in Alaska they pay 50000 a year and cover some living expenses.)

ticknart said...

A) I just think it'd be a good way for you to do more art.
B) Maybe at the school, but after I'd think much about doing horrible things.
C) Some do, but most just want lunch and recesses.
D) There's the rub. I have no idea what makes me happy. (Living expenses are so high in Alaska that the pay would mostly go there.)

AE said...

I still believe what I've written: Either or us would make good teachers. You more than I.

geewits said...

I don't know you as well as your grandmother, but I bet she's a pretty bright lady. I can't remember (or don't know) what your degree is in, but I think you should work for a newspaper or online news service. You always research things that you feel strongly about and you have great computer skills and a well-rounded brain. But what do I know? I'm not even a grandmother.

ticknart said...

My grandma's smart, but she likes to pretend (or maybe not pretend, sometimes I'm not sure) that only her thoughts and opinions and beliefs are the right ones. It's pretty damn annoying.