Monday, November 10, 2008


Randy Milholland of Something Positive (one of my favorite stories starts here), among other online comic strips, sold twenty commisions for twenty-five dollars, each, and I bought one of them.

The rules were up to three characters, his or other people's, and Choo-choo Bear if you want him. No porn! (He said he could do porn for more money, but not with his characters.)

This is a scan of the picture I ordered. (He asked if it was okay.) That's PeeJee on the left, Arthur in the middle, and Aubrey on the right. And it is wonderful. It'll be hard waiting for it to reach my front door.

Thank you Mr. Milholland for this opportunity.


heels said...

That is really cool! What a neat thing for an artist to do.

ticknart said...

It's a great thing for him to have done and a fun way for me to help support one of my favorite online artists.

AE said...