Friday, July 02, 2010

Because I have (soon to be) family to tell me.

So, I see this blog post (Thanks Google Reader Explore!) and have no idea what it's about. I assume it's a protest. WebSense blocked Google from translating the page, so I had no idea what's going.

Then I turn to someone who can tell me what's going on, my brother's fiancée, who's from Beijing. I ask her if it's a protest and what the protest is about. Here's what she sent me:

hahaha! it is not a protest! it is an art thing! for the fun of it. It's dorm in Beihang University. These are all bed sheets~
it says as such: 
Dear security aunt we miss you. (funny casual sarcasm: security women guards are usually mean women that would do such things as snap at young couples if they kiss or hug.... we tend to not like them and call them aunt in a teasing way... Well sometimes there are good motherly ones too, so maybe this one is real that they do miss her.)
Any girl that would take me home? 
I walk away with hurt eggs (eggs referring to balls). 
Beihang girls only marry Beihang boys!
goodbye Beihang we love you

Some jiberishes too for fun... I don't see any signs of protest..... why do you think this is protest?

Obviously, I'm a reactionary, ethnocentric American who assumes other cultures don't have a sense of humor.

Fun stuff, though, even if I am an idiot.


AE said...

It does look an awful lot like a protest. Like back in '04: I had something similar in the window reading 'Bush Cheated' ... which the rental company then told us to take down...

Multi-Ainjo said...

Ha! This cracked me up, especially when you stated that you are a "reactionary, ethnocentric American who assumes other cultures don't have a sense of humor".

In fact it was so funny, I had to repeat your words to yourself for full effect.

Multi-Ainjo said...

Oh, and I'm one too. The reactionay, ethnocentric American. But now I've repeated you twice and that is just a little too much.

ticknart said...

Always glad to bring reactionaries together.