Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Irrational Concern

Sometimes, I worry that there'll be air bubbles in my pee and the usually steady stream will start to sputter causing the urine to have little to no power behind it thereby making it spit and splatter onto my pants.


Jazz said...

And there, in a nutshell is the advantage to peeing sitting down.

ticknart said...

Wait, are you telling me you'd be cool if your peeing started sputtering?

Sure, sitting down there'd be less possibility of mess, but I can't imagine that bubbly urine would ever be thought of as okay.

AE said...

You'd have to go to the ER with pee on your pants ... then you'd be 'that guy' and people would stare unintentionally!

ticknart said...

Better to be the guy with piss all over his pants than "one of those people" who get weird stuff stuck up their anus.

I will not have a fusilli sculpture of any kind on my couch!