Friday, July 23, 2010

Why in the world...

...does it seem like 99% of all french press coffee makers have glass beaker?

I want a french press. Sure, I don't drink coffee, but it'd be nice to have in a cold morning rare visitor makin' ice cream sort of way.

My problem is that I think I've dropped just about everything I use on a semi-regular basis in the kitchen at least once. If my drinking "glasses" weren't made out of plastic I'd probably be on the third or fourth generation of glasses by now.

I know I'd break a french press beaker. I know because while I worked at 'Bucks, I broke at least two. One I dropped, the other I hit on the corner of a counter. I wasn't allowed to use the french press for a while. So, when I buy a french press, I'd like one made out of stainless steel, or something like that, so it'll only dent and not shatter. I'd like it to hold four cups. Is that too much to ask for?

Also, it's not like I need a french press, it's that I'd like one. At least I'd like to look for them and price them. Can't do that with the WebSense being up. Can't only see the ones that they sell at the coffee shops and super stores around here. So far, they all only sell the ones with glass beakers.

Ah, well.


Johnny Logic said...
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Johnny Logic said...

Dani and I have owned the eight cup version of this 4 cup stainless steel french press for over three years and it shows no signs of failing.

AE said...

They're made of glass because it's not a good idea to heat plastic for eating or drinking ... that having been said, every press sold at walmart is plastic-plastic-plastic.

Being an asshole (coffee asshole) I have a glass press and can tell you the flavor you get out of plastic tastes plastic-y, that of metal, metallic. 'Course I'm now roasting coffee at home for freshness and quality and brewing Turkish.

Go with glass. Don't ever touch it. Let it get dusty. Make your guests clean it. Make them buy a new one when it breaks.

Hell, I'm on my second beaker and 3rd generation glasses. Their weight and shininess makes it all worthwhile!

ticknart said...

Figured I should check this, since I can't get into my e-mail and therefore can't get notified when I get a comment.

John -- Thanks, but can't see the link. WebSense'd.

AE -- I'll drop it. I'll drop it! That's the problem. I'll sacrifice a little bit of the flavor by having a stainless steel french press for having to clean up broken glass any day.

heels said...

I have never noticed a metallic taste.