Thursday, July 15, 2010

Transparent Eyeball?

Have you ever had a moment of realization where you know, KNOW, something, good or bad or neutral, with complete and utter certainty? How did you feel? Relieved? Good? Bad? Confused?

I had one, a neutral one, about forty or fifty minutes ago while responding to an e-mail from my brother.

I've been awash with a million variation of nearly every emotion since then. It's almost overwhelming. My head feels stuffed with cotton or wool.

It's doubtful that anything good will come and I'm not sure if knowing is good. It's just what it is.


geewits said...

If you're doubtful that any good will come, how was it neutral? Wouldn't that make it bad?
And yes. I've had flashes of knowing. It doesn't make me feel strange. More like comfy and cozy like a warm blanket on a cold winter's day.

ticknart said...

I think it's only bad if it leads to something bad or it means something bad to you.

Mine was just something that's true. A truth that's not bad and not good. It just is.