Friday, July 02, 2010


The court has made a decision!

Of course I expect another appeal to come by Tuesday.

It's the uncertainty that's the killer.


AE said...

Does he also get paid minimum wage as a 'state worker' or is he an 'elected official' and therefor not a 'state worker'?

ticknart said...

I believe he doesn't take a salary from the state because, you know, he'd look like more of an ass if he took one.

'Course, I'd like to see him try to live off $7.25 and hour with, if he's lucky, $2000ish saved.

ticknart said...

You know what really makes this minimum wage thing stupid, we'll get it all back. If I get $7.25 this month and they pass a budget in August I'll get a second check making up the difference between the that and my normal pay.