Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Glasses on My Face, and Aches Everywhere

After work, Monday, I headed to Sonora, as was the plan. It was a long, hot, boring drive. The radio was flipped between NPR for current events (as much as I hate the shit going on in Iraq, I'm not sure Spain pulling it's troops out is a good idea, since they helped to cause the problem, in the first place, oy) and all the music stations my radio would scan so I could sing the words to songs louder than the air flowing through the windows.

I made it into town somewhere after five, and found myself hoping that the glasses doctor would still be open. Open until five, that makes sense for a doctor's office. Open until six? That seemed unlikely, but what would I lose except a minute or two if I did? I lost more like fifteen minutes because the place was open. I rang the bell, a lady took me to the back, and I was handed my glasses. I put them on and she gave me a paper with many sizes of print to read. I looked at it. I looked at her. I looked at it again. I looked at her again and asked, "Am I supposed to read this?" "Does it look clearer? Can you read it better? Can't you make out the letter easier?" she asked. "No," I said. She looked worried. "But I don't need these for reading, only distance." "Oh, well, then," she said, "If you want, put them on in the morning when your eyes are more relaxed, so they won't have to be forced into focus." "Okay, but I think I want to see what it's like with them while driving, since I'm sure they'll help the there." I left.

I noticed, while driving, that things in the distance did look better. The leaves on the kind of distant shrubs looked like leaves, instead of small splotches of different greens massed together. Words on signs were sharper. I supposed that I really did need glasses. I wore the glasses all the way up to the point where I turn from the highway to Longeway where I couldn't bear the pain developing behind my eyes. Like long needles slowly skewering them from behind. I took them off, and didn't wear them again until Tuesday morning and didn't experience any pain all day.

Tuesday was meant to be a day of coloring schoolwork and an evening that was to be, hopefully spent, with two friends (at least for a short period of time), but it didn't work out. I got sick. Really sick. I won't go into detail, as much as I'd like to, but I woke up seven or eight times Monday night to visit Mr. Flushy. Yesterday was spent shivering, watching TV, getting used to glasses, and sipping 7up mixed with water. Not fun.

I was supposed to be on my way back to Cowcity today, but that ain't gonna happen. I'm still shivery and my body is doing that extra-sensitive thing where when something touches your skin waves of tingly pain radiate through your body and I ache all over. There are two good things, though: first, I slept all through the night, almost ten hours of sleep, and second, I don't work until Friday, so I won't lose out of pay.

Today is to be spent coloring and painting for school and watching funny movies. Currently it's Return of the Pink Panther.

Smile, you're not sick!

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