Monday, March 29, 2004

Good News Everybody.

I was greatly surprised that the package in the mailbox was for me. I opened it as I was walking and saw the spine of a book which reads: "The Norsemen 1980-81." It looked like a year book.

I asked myself, "Who is so fucking cruel that they'd send me some stupid old year book and why did they shrink wrap it?"

I pulled it out and saw the seal on the cover, "William McKinley High School."

"Could it be?" I asked. "Is it possible?"

I ripped the shrink wrap off and opened the book to a page full of pictures and a caption that says, "These Are The Days We Will Always Treasure." I recognized the people. I flipped to the back of the book... DVDs!

My birthday present to myself arrived today.

When I ordered it, over a month ago, I thought I read that it wasn't shipping until the week after my birthday; this morning I got an e-mail saying that it was sent off yesterday; and now it's here, cradled in one arm because I don't feel like letting go. What did I get, you may be asking. I got the special edition 8 disc set of Freaks and Geeks, one of (if not THE) greatest shows from TV.

I had no idea it was coming.

I'm going to pop some corn and watch an episode or two. I'm not answering the phone. And I hope to go to bed much happier tonight than I was yesterday.

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