Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Monday, Monday, Monday! Be there!

To begin with, we must all congratulate Johnny Logic on getting accepted to a real good school in a far away land. At least one of Kevin Smith's films was shot there. Get a camera and take pictures of places from the movie. That'd be pretty cool. Aside from the fact that I'll miss those crazy bastiches, if they move, I'm happy that someone is following his educational dreams. (Anyone who wants to send a condolence note, click here. Anyone with a congratualtions note for the person above, click here.)

Well, Monday will be the day I wear my new glasses for actual vision, rather than seeing how they look on my bulbous head. The lady who's paid to help choose glasses and some lady who brought her mother to the eye doctor liked them on me, and I thought they were decent, too. I guess I'll see what my parents think of them on Monday. I'm ditching class that day, already talked to my teacher, got paint from her and eveything, so, I should be back to Sonora by 6 depending on traffic (Evil, horrible, traffic. I hate it. One day, I will sick someones undead army of lawyers on traffic and it will be eliminated from where I am!) and what time I'm off work and if I got packed Sunday.

I'm planning on being there until Wednesday. Want to pet cats. Want to see the stars again. Want to be reminded of how much cowcity sucks. Want to hear the sounds of silence. Want to see the gramma deer. Want to throw veggies and such down the hill. Want to waste much time.

Altered Ego made a scary proposition today. (FILTHY! YOUR MIND IS FILTHY!!) I'm not sure what to do about it. I have nothing physical to offer, only snippets of ideas blown over the rainbow with the windmill of my mind to Oz where they get further separated from eachother until the gap becomes as uncrossable as the Deadly Desert. Perhaps a quest is in order, but where can I find a champion? And how exciting can a quest be in a land where animals can't die and chicken eggs produce chicks with no rooster?

Thinking about visiting Comic Relief for the 24 Hour Comic Day. Maybe bring some cookies or Starsucks coffee to support the artists. I'm not sure though. I don't think I'll have much money, considering I've already spent a portion of my up-coming birthday stash on a special 8-DVD set of Freaks and Geeks. We'll see. Maybe if others were willing to go to. Anyone, besides Wings (because I'm sure she'll want to) up for it?

Now to bed, to dream a little dream of Alec Guinness in fishnets.

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